The Dream Bath 0. 15mm PVC, 6-gauge clear PVC shower curtain liner is ideal for the large family and heavy use. With several family members showering once to twice a day, it pays to have a thicker PVC shower curtain liner in the bathroom. This curtain liner for the shower is appropriate for large families since it can take a lot of wear and tear. With its own bag holder, 12 metal grommets and 3 large magnets from Dream Bath, storage and transport of this product is easy. What is even easier, is hanging this curtain in place and keeping it in place. Nothing is more annoying than purchasing a shower curtain only to find that insufficient grommets are provided, they break or the curtain is constantly slipping out of place. This shower curtain liner from Dream Bath is meant to prevent water from flooding the bathroom floor. This is exactly the need that this product from Dream Bath resolves. Design your Dream Bath today with American Dream's full line of home goods!

American Dream Home Goods Curtain AD388-CL Shower

SKU: 1070