This is an ideal item to carry in your automobile at all times. It is made of durable lightweight aluminum construction. The handle adjusts from 25 inches to 32 inches. Approximately the total weight is 1.3 pounds. If needed, it brakes down into 3 pieces.

Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel
Safety Shovel 
Be prepared for inclement weather with Cartman high quality Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel. The shovels come in three, bright, easy to see colors to help prevent you from losing them: blue, red and gold. The shovel also easily disassembles into three pieces for easy storage and portability, and is the perfect size to store in your car, SUV or recreational activity vehicle, or to tote with you in your backpack. The shovels are constructed from lightweight, durable, high-quality aluminum and weigh just 1.3 pounds.

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CARTMAN Sport Utility Scalable Camping Snow Shovel for Car

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