Packed with hair growth benefits, Our Organic Castor Oil is the miracle oil you need to grow fuller hair and lush eyelashes!
Our Organic Castor Oil is cold-pressed from ethically sourced Castor Seeds from Kerala, India. Naturally high in Ricinoleic acid, Castor Oil is known for its ability to fortify and restore dry, damaged or thinning hair, and promote hair growth growth. Its anti-inflammatory properties and fatty acid content help nourish and treat the scalp to promote healthier hair growth and strengthen hair at the root. It can also be used to naturally lengthen and thicken eyelashes and brows!

How to Use It:

Hair: Apply a quarter-sized amount to your dry scalp and roots only. Concentrate the oil wherever you are experiencing excess hair shedding or thinning. Leave on for 1 hour (or overnight) and rinse by washing hair with shampoo as you would normally. Apply 3 times per week. If the oil is too thick for your liking*, mix it with a lighter oil such as our Jojoba Oil or Olive Oil.

Lashes and Brows: Dip a mascara brush in Castor Oil (wipe off excess oil before applying) and brush onto eyelashes and brows before going to sleep, nightly for longer lashes and fuller brows in as soon as 3 weeks. * It is normal for Castor oil to be thick and slightly sticky.


Ricinoleic Acid: Promotes scalp health and balances its pH to foster healthier hair growth.

Vitamin E: Moisturizes and softens hair to keep it hydrated and healthy.

100% Pure, USDA Organic Castor Oil

DIY SCALP TREATMENT - Promotes hair growth, strengthens hair, and balances scalp.

Ingredients: 2 TBSP. of Castor Oil, 1 TBSP. of Jojoba Oil, 5 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

1. Mix the Castor Oil with the Jojoba Oil

2. Heat for 10 to 20 seconds.

3. Add the Peppermint Oil

4. Apply on dry roots and massage your scalp with it.

5. Tie your hair together and cover with shower cap for at least an hour (you may sleep with it)

6. Wash off with your regular shampoo.

Castor Oil (16oz) USDA Organic Cold-Pressed

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