Unique Design: 
Three types of scratching textures design in one cardboard, providing three times the joy and fun for the cats. 
With our unique design on the market, durability is 50% increased than the regular ones. 
And it is reversible, just flip it side up, you get a new one to use. 
Stylish minimalist flat design fits every home and décor style. 
Health and joy:
It is in cat’s gene that they love to scratch things. Without scratching their claws will become too long and it might lead to physical or mental illness.
Using our scratcher cardboard could help your kittens to stay healthy and happy.

Furniture saver:
It is not a news that cats love scratching sofas, carpets or tables. Owning a scratching cardboard will definitely help you to avoid these problems.
It is the perfect place for cats to play with and it will save your furniture at the same time.
If you cats were not interested in it at first. Just try to sprinkle some of our organic catnip on it, it will immediately enhance their interest.

Product Dimensions:
15.7 inch long, 7.8 inch wide and 2.1 inch think.
(40cm long, 20 cm wide and 5.4cm thick) 

Package included:
- Cat scratching pad * 1
- Organic catnip * 1

Coching Cat Scratcher Cardboard Curved Shape Scratch Pad

SKU: 1142