I’m Eden, and you could say that I’m the top-of- the-line model here at Coop. I’ll keep
you cool with my gel-infused memory foam. I also have a special blend of premium
combed microfiber, which makes me softer, cushier, and more luxurious than the
others. My gusseted cover makes me special and ensures full edge-to- edge support.

The Case

With an added gusset, the soft, luxurious Eden case allows more edge-to- edge
support so you can enjoy an even platform for your head. Made with our signature
Lulltra fabric, it’s designed to breathe, stretch, and keep you cool throughout the
night. The case is also easy to maintain, machine washable, and hypoallergenic, so
you won’t wake up feeling gross and congested.

The Liner

This is where the memory foam lives. The inner liner allows you to shape and
contour the fill inside with ease thanks to the interlock fabric. It adds extra
breathability to your bamboo memory foam pillow.

The Fill

Made in the USA, our CertiPUR-US certified, proprietary blend of memory foam is
designed to give you the perfect balance of softness and support. The memory foam
is crosscut with microfiber and infused with gel to keep you cooler longer while
providing the comfort of down pillow and the support of a memory foam pillow.

Don’t you deserve a good night’s rest?

Craft your Eden pillow to suit your sleeping position, size, and personal preference,
so you can enjoy sweet dreams and refreshed mornings.

Coop Home Goods King Size Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Zippered Cover

SKU: 1074