A fresh, hot sandwich in a DASH? We’ve got you covered with the DASH Express pocket sandwich maker. This handy little kitchen appliance prepares a beautiful Hot Panini within minutes of plugging it into the outlet. With such a simple assembly, this sandwich maker also heats up quickly and cleans easily, making it easy for you to use the Express pocket sandwich maker again and again!

Features & details
Versatile - make a variety of different sandwiches with plates that fit perfectly to your slice of bread.
Quick and easy - plates heat up quickly for a faster preparation.
Cleans easily - Express pocket sandwich maker has PFOA-free nonstick cooking surfaces for easy cleaning.
Simple assembly - just plug in in and you’re ready to cook!
Recipe guide included - to inspire and encourage every level of Chef.

DASH DPM100GBRD06 Pocket Sandwich Maker Sized, Red

SKU: 1018