The paper roll holder with an innovative swirl design holds 2 toilet rolls with a third ready for use on the top holder. The top toilet roll holder provides more than enough room to unroll your paper as needed without bumping your hands on the storage area below. Dream Bath has brought yet another striking design to the market to enhance your bathroom décor in one simple step. With so many space saving devices available, it is little wonder that Dream Bath is so popular. The swirl design comes in an attractive silver metal, which is quick to clean and maintain its shine. Use a common household disinfectant to ensure that your 3-roll swirl design toilet roll holder from Dream Bath remains hygienic and safe for family use, especially for the little ones in the family. Enjoy your new innovative swirl design toilet paper storage and holder in one good-looking holder. Design your Dream Bath today with American Dream's full line of home goods!

Dream Bath Bathroom Freestanding Toilet Paper Tissue Holder

SKU: 1069