OJAS STUDIO is a young food & lifestyle brand that makes Ayurveda-inspired products. OJAS STUDIO recipes are endorsed by our good friends and Ayurvedic experts at Kripalu. Our offerings are made with real fruit with no artificial sweeteners. While snacking is not often encouraged in Ayurveda, these bites offer a way to pause and infuse a moment of Ayurveda into the unavoidable reality of our busy, modern lives.

Features & details
This mindfully-made date & grain bite with ginger, cinnamon, chia and other ingredients is inspired by the Kapha-type and the steadfast earthiness of this nurturing personality
Inspired by ancient wisdom, crafted for modern life
Created with each dosha in mind and approved by our Ayurvedic experts
Made with real fruit
No artificial sweeteners
Includes 8 (1.41oz) bags of OJAS STUDIO Date & Grain Bites, Ginger Cinnamon Chia flavor

OJAS STUDIO Date & Grain Bites, Ginger Cinnamon Chia, 1.41 Ounce, 8 Count

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